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Folly Fort Racing 

Segas has a long history of organising Racing suitable for its members, the races are timed to start and finish at times that are coordinated with the tides, so they start after the tide comes in and they finish before the tide goes out. This is different from other clubs that have all-tide access and therefore tend to start all their races at 10:00. 

Hoo Ness YC also has limited tidal access and so we join forces with them with a common race fleet that goes under the name of Folly Fort  Racing.  All our races start next to the Fort at Folly point.


Last year we had our second-largest number of Segas members racing in recent history and in conjunction with the HNYC boats, we are part of the largest fleet of Sailing Cruisers racing on the Medway.


It's a quiet time at the moment for Racing, we are all waiting for it to warm up before we tackle the many jobs that will need to be completed prior to the Lift In. However, a programme of races has been devised for 2023 and It is attached to this email together with a mini report on the 2022 Segas race winners.


If you have not raced with the club yet and would like to in 2023, please email me and I can answer any queries you may have.

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