9 - 10 May 2020


This is the first club cruise of the season. A sail down the Medway to Queenborough, hang off a bouy or the hammerhead together, followed by a meal in the Flying Dutchman. Home the following day. High water Chatham Saturday 14:56(BST) and Sunday 15:38(BST)  Cancelled due covid 19

Limehouse Basin

6 - 9 June 2020


London trip up the Thames. Dinner at The Cruising Association on the Sunday Cancelled due covid   19.

11-27 July 2020


Cruise from the Medway via Dover - Boulogne- Calais - Ramsgate - Medway Cancelled due to covid 19

East Coast Cruise

15 - 22 August 2020

Medway - Fambridge - Burnham - Brightlingsea

Final Cruise to Queenborough

5-6 September 2020

Dinner at the Flying Dutchman

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