9 - 10 May 2020


This is the first club cruise of the season. A sail down the Medway to Queenborough, hang off a bouy or the hammerhead together, followed by a meal in the Flying Dutchman. Home the following day. High water Chatham Saturday 14:56(BST) and Sunday 15:38(BST)  Cancelled due covid 19

Limehouse Basin

6 - 9 June 2020


London trip up the Thames. Dinner at The Cruising Association on the Sunday Cancelled due covid   19.

South Coast Cruise - NEW EVENT

11 July 2020

South Coast

Cruise to theSouth Coast from the Medway via Ramsgate - Dover - Eastbourne. Plan to meet the night before departure at either Queenborough or Stangate. Please let Peter know if you want to join in so that he can book marina space at

East Coast Cruise

15 - 22 August 2020

Medway - Fambridge - Burnham - Brightlingsea

Please let Peter know Boat name; length; depth; beam and a contact mobile number


Final Cruise to Queenborough

5-6 September 2020

Dinner at the Flying Dutchman

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