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I'm currently taking part in the Prostate Cancer UK March the Month whereby I have committed to do 11000 steps each day throughout September to raise funds and awareness of this terrible disease. So far I have completed 228,319 steps covering about 96 miles with just under two weeks to go.


Could I ask you to circulate to our membership, in the interests of raising awareness more than anything but if anyone wants to sponsor me then that would also be appreciated.


For more details on Prostate Cancer UK and the March, the Month see


My just giving page is


Dear Friends,

Thank you to all those that responded the club recent email regarding lift in.  Based upon your responses, the lift in will be on two separate days. The first will be on Thursday 4th June , the second will follow one month later in July.

The committee has undertaken a risk assessment which will be published to the club website. The assessment has informed the working practices for the day, details of which, as with the risk assessment will be published to the site.

Members attending on the day will be divided into fixed teams.  It is of the utmost importance that members remain within their team. 


The club safety boat will be available on the days to ferry members from their moorings back to the club however, numbers will be limited to transporting one boat crew at a time.

A full briefing will be provided on the day.

The upper storey of the clubhouse will not be utilised on the day. 


There will be unrestricted access to the lavatories.

It has been agreed by the committee that Terry McDonald will have a special role on the day.  He will be keeping an eye on us throughout the day.  Terry has the authority to stop activities if he sees unsafe practices.  He will provide advice and guidance to members addressing safe working practices and matters of PPE.  This does not relieve us all of our individual duty to


o   Maintain a safe social distance

o   Wear protective clothing such as a face mask, protective eyewear. Gloves are optional

o   Wash  hands regularly with soap and water, in the absence of which utilise hand sanitiser

o   Be vigilant, if you see a hazard, and safe to do so, act to neutralise it. Bring it to the attention of a committee member.




Lastly, it is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the death of a member, Vic Tulley.

It is understood that Vic’s death was not Covid related.  Vic kept Sea Lion at the club.  Notwithstanding his debilitating arthritis, Vic was always of good humour and had a selfless approach to helping club members as well as undertaking key electrical engineering works at the club.  Ever the optimist with a ready chuckle, he will be missed.  A gentle man in every sense.


John Molloy



A change of plans, in place of the Continental Cruise please read South Coast Cruise.  In light of the current situation it appears it will be safer to stay this side of the channel for now.  Therefore, I propose that we take a trip with the aim of visiting Eastbourne via Ramsgate and Dover. Using the scheduled date 11/7/20 for leaving the Medway (HW Sheerness 05-27) early Saturday morning, after first meeting at either Stangate or Queenborough the night before if that suits. If you are interested please let me know so I can book you in at the marinas. The marinas I have contacted tell me that all facilities are open for normal use. Please e-mail Peter at

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