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Welcome to your Webstore

This may be your first visit to the store and here are a few notes to help you order and personalise your clothing.

You will be directed into the webstore at the end of this message.

On the top ribbon you will see an enter symbol (half box with an arrow) click and the home page will come up.

The home page will show you where to register and sign in on future visits.

To buy on Segas sailing club, you'll need to register for an account. Joining is simple. Not to mention free! All you need is a valid email address.

There are three ranges of clothing, Women’s, Men’s and Unisex,

All the clothing carries the Segas logo and name on the left-hand side . The boats name if selected is on the right-hand side

Click on  the product range, choose the garment you want . In the boxes choose the size , enter quantity, and select colour You need to check that  if you want the Segas on the back choose the item with w/back print .Click add to the cart The item will appear in the cart box.

Click onto the carry-on shopping to purchase other items.

If you want an item with your boats name on it, on the home screen click on the boat name item and then add to Cart. You will add the boat name once you are in the billing section . In the section Shipping Methods, there  is a box add instructions . In here add the boats name and to which garment(s) you wish the name to be added.

Click on the cart symbol to complete purchase, VAT and the delivery charge will be added in the billing section.

When you have completed the order before you send the payment, please check that all the details are correct because you cannot return embroidered good unless they are damaged. The companies T&C s are on the website.


You will receive an order acknowledgement from BrandIdentity.

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