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Where tide permits there will be a briefing in the Clubhouse 1hr 15 mins before the published race start time. There will be a briefing on the water by VHF (77)  15 minutes before the start

The High Tide Races are 2hr races over the High Tide.

The Montyzoomer is a 1 day race.

The Regattas, the Red Sands and the Prudence are 2 day races.

The Swale Regatta will be on 29 June to 1 July, its free to enter and consists of 3 races in the Swale, Thames and Medway.

Spring Regatta Results 2018


The wind strength on Saturday was NE 5/6. This is  the Max limit at which we race. We all reefed suitably. We had the river to ourselves in the morning. We visited the Flying Dutchman for the excellent Carvery that they provide and even made it to the New Queenborough Micro Brewery. The return leg on Sunday was a reach in a NW 4. Honours were shared by Titcha and Spice Cat.

Next Races

Wednesday 17th May – Start 16:00 – High tide 2hr race.

Saturday 20th May, Start 9:00 – Prudence Race to Harty, Return on the Sunday.



Next Races

Sunday 18th September – Start 13:00 HT 14:30, High Tide race.

Wednesday 21st September  Start 15:00 HT 16:35 Midweek Race

Saturday 1st October –  Start 14:00  HT 13:49, Down River race, stay overnight on Concrete Barge and visit Flying Dutchman.

Sunday 2nd October – Start 10:00 HT 14:21, Return Race.

Wednesday 19th October. Start  14:00 HT 15:32 Midweek Race

Montezoomer race 11th September

4 Club boats competed in the race. Starcatcher was the first Segas boat.


Autumn Series Race 2,3  10th September


Autumn Series Race 1  4th September

The first race of the Autumn Series on Sunday was a blast!, more precisely F4 gusting 6.

5 intrepid boats braved the winds and Ember carried the day and was least over canvassed of all of us with 2 reefs in the Main. The racing is becoming quite cosmopolitan. There were entrants from  HNYC ,Segas SC and Strood YC. Auduin deserves a commendation for turning out despite being without a working engine.


 Prudence Race Sunday 31st July

There were 9 boats for the start and we had a good sail as far as Kingsnorth Jetty. Here the wind died, never to return. We drifted down river and times were taken at S Kent.

Lodestar was 5th on corrected time but was placed first as the first 4 to finish failed to pass the S Kent buoy on the right side as a result of not allowing enough for the set to the north near S Kent. Hera succeeded in leaving S Kent to port as she passed it, however this was not allowed to stand as she was on the wrong side of the buoy and was travelling backwards!  Spice Cat was 3rd, Starcatcher 4th and Merak 9th.

Merak and Starcatcher decided to go for Harty Ferry and motored down the outside of Sheppey and were rewarded by a fine sail into the East Swale to Harty. The rest of us went into Stangate Creek and rafted there overnight.


Evening Race Thursday 28th July

The Evening race on Thursday 28th July went well, it did not rain, no need to reef and enough wind to complete the race, and those in Mud berths made it back before the water went. Plus the Medway was empty. 1 Sputnik, 2 Spice Cat, 3 Merak. Evening races can only be run whilst there are light evenings, which is June and July so there will not be another till next year.

Midweek races will continue after the Summer break in September.

Midweek Race Wednesday 20th July

It was blowing a F7 in the morning, however by mid day it had calmed down and we had a good race in F4/5 with brilliant sunshine and a strong but very warm wind. Merak  (Dave Rowbotham) finished 50M ahead of Spice Cat with Woodstock Hi third from HNYC.

Merak mid week

Hoo Regatta 16-17 July 2016

Photo of Segas SC and HooNess craft battling it out for position on the water!!

Competitive racing